Legacy Paradigm

Legacy Paradigm is a philosophy developed by Coach Red. It is a psychological and behavioral model for enabling, empowering, and equipping individuals with tangible and intangible resources to leave a legacy behind.


Everything starts in the mind. As stated by Buddha, “we are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves”. The shifting of the mind is a continuous and evolving process. It involves breaking conformity, transformation, and renewing. (Romans 12:2)


It was reported by CNN, that 76 million Americans are struggling financially and 47% of the world’s wealth is controlled by millionaire’s. All individuals come from different background where each family has been taught something different when it comes to finances. However, the economy and its rules dictate how one becomes rich and another remains poor.


Being a business owner is the best way to take be on the right side capitalism. It is also excellent way to leave a tangible or intangible asset behind as a legacy.

Nicole Redmond, also known as Coach Red, is a Mother, Wife, Speaker, Author, Mentor and women of God that wears many hats!

Nicole Redmond a.k.a. Coach Red

Nicole Redmond, also known as Coach Red, is a Mother, Wife, Speaker, Author, Mentor and women of God that wears many hats!

Coach Red’s own personal journey with finances has been one of trials to testimony. Having experience debt harassment, collections, poor financial decision making, bankruptcy, living paycheck-to-paycheck, embarrassment of having her security clearance temporarily suspended due to bad credit items on her credit report. Least to say, she understands and relates to the “struggle” of starting at the bottom with a poor mindset.


Ilva Smith

Ilva Smith

The moment you decide to look at your credit score with one eye open and the other one closed with crossed fingers and BOOM!!! Thank you Nicole Redmond for all of your help thru this process. Thank you for being patient with me and answering all of my questions and concerns, and most importantly to me, with no judgement. My credit score went from a 530 to a 640 with in the 5 months I've been working with Nicole Redmond. So if you are here just for advice, great, if you are still debating to work with her, well take it from me she is worth it. A great woman and I am more than thrilled that I took this leap of faith. There are no words Nicole Redmond no words!!!!

Je’sus Hawthorne

Je’sus Hawthorne

Nicole Redmond is an outstanding leader in the Central Texas area. She knows how to break down the importance of having good credit. The information she presented was powerful and she is passionate about sharing it. She had me pumped up!!!

Triscina Berry

Triscina Berry

My experience with Nicole Redmond is awesome she's not only a financial coach but she's also a mentor and she cares about what she does she cares about helping people get out of debt about helping people reach their full potential and she does with a diligent heart she's made me realize and see the full potential that I have and all the gifts and the talents that God has given and showed me and I thank her for that I'm very grateful that you came into my life that we crossed paths and have a Sisterhood thank you Nicole Redmond for all that you've done for me and thank God for you using what he's giving you to help others may God continue to bless you.

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